Account Access

Online and Mobile Banking

Our no-cost Online and Mobile Banking services allow you to pay bills, transfer funds, deposit checks, locate an ATM or apply for a loan - wherever and whenever it's convenient for you. Less time banking means more time for everything else!

  • Check account balances
  • View cleared checks
  • Sign-up and access eStatements
  • Pay bills
  • 24/7 Account Access: from any mobile device or computer with Mobile Banking
  • Make transfers: within Pen Air and to your other financial institutions
  • FinanceWorks
  • Mobile Check Deposit: make a check deposit to your account from home or any mobile device
  • Alert Center: Alert Center allows you to receive free (SMS) text messages ™ and email notifications for a variety of account activities.
  • Push Notifications: Mobile users can set up and receive banking alerts via the mobile app.
  • Scheduled Recurring Transfers: Mobile users can schedule a future dated transfer as a well as schedule recurring transfers.
  • Transfer Memo: Mobile users can add a memo to a transfer.
  • POP Money: Mobile users can send money to any one via text message or email.
  • Smartwatch: Mobile users can set up an Apple Watch (iPhone) or Android Smartwatch.
  • Balance Widget: Android users can view their account balances without opening the app by placing a Balance Widget on their device's home screen. (The Quick Balance feature must be enabled.) Apple users can view their account balances without unlocking their device by swiping left on the lock screen or on the home screen and adding the Balance Widget inthe Today Center (the Quick Balance feature must be enabled).
Online Banking FAQs POP Money FAQs Smartwatch FAQs

1Standard text messaging and data rates may apply.

Android App Apple App


Stop fraud in its tracks


Debit and Credit Card alerts allow you to keep track of card activity anytime, anywhere! You'll be able to monitor real-time activity and spot suspicious transactions sooner.

  • Monitor transactions made outside of the U.S.
  • Monitor purchasing activity
  • Monitor real-time transactional activity
  • Set up multiple destinations for text and email alerts
  • Modify or delete alerts at any time

Register Your Debit Card Here Register Your Credit Card Here

You may also register your Debit and Credit Cards while logged into your Online Banking account by using the "Card Services" menu.


Mobile Check Deposit

At Pen Air, we know life never stops and neither should your banking. Make same-day check deposits from the convenience of any mobile device or computer. Our Mobile Check Deposit feature is a secure and innovative way for you to deposit checks into your Pen Air accounts. Save time and money by downloading our Mobile App and start making deposits today!

Mobile Check Deposit FAQs

Shared Branch

Traveling or moving away? Maintain your Pen Air accounts at over 5,000 branches nationwide with CO-OP Shared Branch. Pen Air is part of a nationwide shared branch network that includes thousands of credit union locations where you can access your Pen Air accounts.

At branches across the country, the CU Service Centers logo has changed to CO-OP Shared Branch. That is a sign of personal service wherever you go. As our member, you can visit any credit union where you see the CO-OP Shared Branch logo, and conduct transactions just like you were at your home branch.

  • Always have a branch nearby. Around town or anywhere in the nation, being part of the Shared Branch Network means that wherever you go you'll always have a branch nearby.
  • Do your daily transactions with ease. Visit a nearby Shared Branch Location and you can make deposits, withdrawals, balance inquires, loan payments and more.*
  • Transfer funds, obtain a cash advance or purchase money orders at most locations as well.
  • Expect the same level of service you receive at your regular branch - simply bring your photo ID and Pen Air account number.

To find a participating credit union in your area, click on the CO-OP Shared Branch logo, visit our locations, or download our Mobile App and select "Find an ATM/Branch."

Mortgages Shared Branch FAQ's

*Line of Credits cannot be withdrawn from at a Shared Branch. ATMs and Pen Air Business Account transactions are not included in the Shared Branch Network.


FinanceWorks is our new personal financial management tool. This robust online budgeting tool assists with important every day financial tasks, allowing you to automatically categorize your expenses, set goals and receive a complete picture of your spending all within Online Banking. No need to log into a separate program!

•    Access your total financial picture in one place and view spending behaviors to help with important financial decision-making.
•    Gain immediate visibility to valuable insights.
•    Get on track with budgets and know exactly where your money is going.

•    Transactions are automatically categorized and displayed graphically.
•    Aggregate outside accounts, choosing from over 20,000 financial institutions.
•    View spending, income and savings activity.
•    Explore specific spending categories to view transaction details.
•    Set up budgets to track spending behavior.
•    Set savings goals for you and your family.

FinanceWorks FAQs