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What is Send Money?

The Send Money feature will allow you to pay your bills, pay a person, and transfer money to external account in one convenient location inside Online Banking and the Mobile App, offering a simpler and smarter payment experience!

New Ways to Send Money:

  • Enjoy an easier, more simplistic design that lets you pay your bills when and how you want to!
  • Easily transfer money between your Pen Air Account and outside financial institutions, fee-free!
  • Make fast and free payments to people you know through Online Banking or our Mobile App. Splitting the check at a restaurant? Need to pay your sitter? Send them money directly, fee-free. No need for other apps!

Where can I access Pay a Bill, Pay a Person, and Transfer Money features?

Online BankingOpened EntryClosed Entry

These three features will be in one centralized location inside Online  Banking under the Send Money tab.

Mobile AppOpened EntryClosed Entry

These three features will be in one centralized location inside the Mobile App under the Send Money tab.


Pay Bills

Is my previous Bill Pay information available in the Send Money feature?Opened EntryClosed Entry

Yes, all previous bill pay data has transferred to the upgraded service, including your pending and reoccurring payments, payee information, and payment history.

How will I know if I need to make updates to Bill Pay (Pay Bills)?Opened EntryClosed Entry

Some payees may need additional information to complete a payment. If any payees are highlighted with yellow and tagged with “update biller,” we will need additional or updated information on this payee.

Simply use your monthly statement or invoice from this payee to complete the necessary information.

How can I access Bill Pay now that the system has upgraded?Opened EntryClosed Entry

Bill Pay will be available under the Send Money menu option, listed as “Pay Bills.”

What about my eBills?Opened EntryClosed Entry

Your eBills are not available in the new Payments Solution right now but will be reintroduced at a future date.

Why did my electronic payment change to a check payment?Opened EntryClosed Entry

If any of the payee’s information changed between the time you originally set up the payment and our enhancement to the system, it may have caused the payment to be sent as a check rather than electronically. To resolve this, you can re-enter the payee information using a recent statement to ensure that it is current and accurate.

Where can I see check payment image?Opened EntryClosed Entry

Check copies are available after the payee presents the check for payment and it clears successfully. You can review check images in your account history in Online Banking and the Mobile App.

Can I place a stop payment on a Bill Pay payment?Opened EntryClosed Entry

Stop payments can be placed on paper checks in Online Banking under the Secure Forms tab and selecting Stop Payment. You may also call 850.505.3200 or a visit any Pen Air location.

Why are my recurring payments showing in my scheduled payments twice?Opened EntryClosed Entry

Recurring payments were brought over with the most recent transaction showing a recurrence of “once”. All future payments show with a recurrence of “monthly”.

Why is the address of my payee not displayed?Opened EntryClosed Entry

If your payee is paid electronically, the mailing address of the payee will not be displayed.

Why is my Gulf Power payment being sent as a check now?Opened EntryClosed Entry

We are actively working with our bill pay vendor, as well as Gulf Power to find an electronic resolution as soon as possible. In the meantime, when scheduling Gulf Power payments, please allow enough time prior to your due date to account for mailing time.

Why is my AT&T biller requiring me to update my information?Opened EntryClosed Entry

In converting payees from our previous vendor to our new vendor, it may be that some account information needs to be updated, such as account number or address. If your biller is highlighted in yellow, please complete the requested information.

Please note that payments cannot be scheduled until the information has been updated.

Pay a Person & Transfer Money

What is Pay a Person?Opened EntryClosed Entry

Pay a Person is a free service that allows you to pay anyone in the United States with a bank account. All you need is their email address or mobile phone number to get started.

What are External Transfers?Opened EntryClosed Entry

External transfers allow you to transfer funds between accounts you own at other financial institutions. 

Will my previous accounts and automatic transfers, set-up through external transfer and PopMoney, convert over to the upgraded service?Opened EntryClosed Entry

No, for security purposes all previous External Transfer and PopMoney users will need to re- enroll their external accounts and payments to other people inside the upgraded service.

The new services will be available under the “Send Money” tab, listed as “Transfer Money and “Pay a Person”. The Transfer Money service will allow you to set-up your external accounts for future transfers. The Pay a Person service will allow you to send money to an individual by providing their cell phone number or email address.

Can I still transfer money to other people?Opened EntryClosed Entry

Yes! The feature used to send money to another person has been upgraded in the new Payments Solution as “Pay a Person” under the Send Money tab.

You can send money (fee-free) to anyone with a bank account in the United States as quickly as next business day.

Can I still transfer money to other financial institutions?Opened EntryClosed Entry

Yes! The feature used to transfer money to outside financial institutions has been upgraded in the new Payments Solution as “Transfer Money” under the Send Money tab.

You can set up account transfers instantly by providing your bank credentials when prompted inside Online Banking or the Mobile App, with money being transferred as quickly as next business day.

How do I add my external accounts?Opened EntryClosed Entry

If you bank with a well-known financial institution, you can set up account transfers instantly by providing your online banking credentials when asked. If you are unable to locate your financial institution, simply add the external account and complete the micro deposit process.

How do I verify my micro deposits?Opened EntryClosed Entry

Log into Online Banking or the Mobile App and select “Send Money”. There will be a notification instructing you to verify your micro deposits. Then follow the steps provided.


Can I edit a payment or transfer once it has been scheduled?Opened EntryClosed Entry

Yes! You can cancel or make changes to your pending payments or transfers up until 3:00pm CT on the scheduled send date.

How long will it take for my payment to reach its recipient?Opened EntryClosed Entry

Electronic payments scheduled by 3:00pm CT should arrive the next business day. Times for the Transfer Money and Pay a Person services may vary based on account verification and/or available recipient information. If a check is mailed for Bill Pay, it should arrive 5-7 days after the send date.

When will my payments be deducted from my account?Opened EntryClosed Entry

Electronic payments are deducted from the account on the day you select as the “Send Date and will be delivered the following business day, known as the “Deliver Date”the payment is sent.

Checks will be deducted from your account once the payee processes the check and it clears your account.

Can I set up alerts/notifications?Opened EntryClosed Entry

Yes! You can setup alerts and notifications to receive updates on your payment status. All you need is a valid email address and mobile phone number listed within Online Banking and the Mobile App to ensure your alerts are delivered to the right place.

Does the system upgrade affect payments that I currently have set-up or scheduled directly with a payee?Opened EntryClosed Entry

No, the upgrade only affects payments that you initiate through the Pen Air Bill Pay service. Payments set up directly with a vendor that initiates a debit to your account will continue as is.

I scheduled a payment on a non-business day (holiday, Saturday or Sunday) when will my payment be sent?Opened EntryClosed Entry

Your payment will be sent on the first business day following the non-business day.