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The new brand features a bold color palette and a charismatic brand voice embodying our passion and purpose for Enhancing Lives. We think you’re really going to love it!

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Pensacola's largest and oldest credit union

PenAir’s been connected to this community since 1936.  For 87 years our purpose has been focused on Enhancing Lives for our members, our staff, and the communities we serve. And we’ll continue to improve our service through enhanced access and convenience, competitive rates, and beyond.

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A local resource for financial excellence

No matter your money goal, PenAir’s got a tool for that. From understanding financial basics to investing in your future, we have the resources to take your next steps toward financial planning, together. After all, we believe that financial wellness is a team effort.

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everywhere you need us

PenAir now services 17 counties between Mobile, AL, and Tallahassee, FL. We currently offer 11 convenient locations in Northwest Florida and Southern Alabama and a host of digital solutions to mind the gaps when you don’t need face-to-face assistance from us.

Our Promise

You have our commitment that we will continue being there every step of the way, making banking with us easy, and helping you discover real-life solutions that meet your financial needs.

We're Here to Enhance Lives

And with that clarity, what we do is made more powerful by our purpose for doing it. Grown from the values we hold most dear, three guiding principles emerged to shape how we see the people we serve, the community around us, and our role within it.

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Respect is foundational to everything. It’s how we build relationships and form trust.

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Through service, we effect change. It’s how we take care of each other. By listening. Understanding. And personalizing experiences.

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It’s our most important value. A positive force for good, where community and generosity fuse into something unshakable.

We’re about real impact

Value, resources, tools, and advice all connect here to make a real impact on your life and others. We put our skills and our abilities to work for our people and each other.

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Find your way to save

Whether you’re planning to buy a home or build a stash for emergencies, we’ll help you explore the various ways to save and grow your money over time.

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Stow and Grow Your Money

No matter if you stash your cash or retain access while earning great rates, we have your money covered with short-and long-term options designed to help reach your goals.

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Get More Than a Checking Account

With no monthly maintenance fees, no minimum balance requirements, and digital tools at your fingertips, you have total control over your cash.

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Are You Team "Rewards" Or "Low Rates"?

The possibilities are endless when the right credit card falls into the right hands and PenAir has a Mastercard® Credit Card with your name on it.

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Let's Get You on the Road

Test drive a New, Used, Refinance, and even our Recreational Vehicle Auto Loans. Because PenAir offers affordable loans that will get you in the driver’s seat faster.

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One-Size-Fits All Doesn't Work for You

Whether you’re looking to purchase, refinance or take equity from your house, we’ve got mortgage options for every phase of life.

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Let’s Build Something That Lasts

Whether you’re just starting a career, or already in retirement, we take a customized approach to help you plan and grow your assets.

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We Mean It When We Say Personal

Get a custom-fit loan that can cover almost any expense. Take the plunge with a personal loan or line of credit and imagine the possibilities.

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take your business to the next level

Let us help mind your business with one of our checking and savings accounts; Get great rates with a PenAir Credit Card or Loan; and even sign us up to become your personal assistant in charge of benefits, payroll and more.

Take a tour of the new PenAir.org website!

Your online banking experience just got better. Learn about our new homepage access, where you can easily tap into your account from anywhere. You can also find your perfect fit in just a few clicks. So many things to love about our new site.

Take a Digital Banking Tour

Our easy-to-use Digital Banking features have you covered when you don’t need face-to-face assistance from us. Plus, they let you do all your banking from the device you like best. Because when you bank with PenAir, you bank with ease and convenience.

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The volunteer Board of Directors made a unanimous decision to change the credit union’s brand to properly express our joy and passion for Enhancing Lives. Our vision for the future is vibrant and we want the brand to visually embody our purpose and passion.

No. Your account numbers will remain the same.

No employees are being affected by the rebranding. The employees that you’ve grown accustomed to serving you will be here, ready to provide the same personalized service that you expect.

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We are more than a community banking resource.

We’re the same credit union you know and love—just with a new and improved look.

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