Pen Air is celebrating the Essential Workers on the frontline, Here are their stories.




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Essential Workers

At Pen Air, respect is a guiding principle – an unshakable belief in dreams and the can-do-attitudes that make them happen. We have huge respect for our community and for those who serve it day in and day out.

The pride and respect we have for each of our #Essential workers has never been stronger. That’s why we’ve decided to launch our #Essential Workers Campaign – to highlight and feature the #Essential workers in our community.

We will be sharing their stories on our social media channels and website throughout the month of June to acknowledge the hard work and perseverance of the #Essential community. Follow along with us to see how members of our community have been in service to you!

Meet the Essential Workers in our Community

Essential Worker Jermel. He is a Medical Technologist

Jermel – Medical Technologist

Jermel has been working as a licensed medical technologist at the West Florida Hospital Perdido Bay ER for two years. Calling attention to the thousands of Medical Technologists that test COVID-19 samples every day, he acknowledges the importance of testing so we can keep our families and communities safer. Jermel says, “We will beat this, and we will show why the human race can overcome even the most perplexing circumstances.”


Faith & Family & Frontline & Essential

Meet Essential Worker Arthur. He is an emergency medical responder

Arthur – Emergency Medical Responder

Meet Arthur, a 39 year veteran and one of the oldest active members of the Escambia County Fire Rescue. Arthur is an Emergency Medical Responder known for showing up even in the toughest of circumstances. “Arthur does not do this for glory or recognition from others, but to know that he has made a difference in someone’s life…”


Community & Veteran & Responder & Essential

Meet Essential Worker Michael. He is a technician with Cox

Michael – Sub Contractor

Michael is a subcontractor for Cox Cable who has diligently worked to provide WiFi and cable services to our community in a time where many residents have relocated their working spaces to a home office (or living room)! Michael explains, “There’s no better feeling in the world than being able to help people and to feel good about it.


Community & Support & Service & Essential

Meet Essential Worker Natalie. She is a switchboard operator at Sacred Heart

Natalie – Switchboard Operator

Natalie is a switchboard operator at Ascension Sacred Heart. She takes anywhere between 500 and 1,200 calls every day servicing several hospitals in our region. Natalie says that her work is her ministry and she loves doing it! We couldn’t be more grateful for her #Essential work in our community.


Ministry & Love & Grateful & Essential

Meet Essential Worker Dakota. He is a security officer aboard NAS Pensacola.

Dakota – NAS Security Officer

Dakota works in Navy Security Forces for the Naval Hospital at NAS Pensacola. Today and everyday, we rely on service men and women like Dakota to protect our community. Dakota spends his day guiding and protecting all civilian and military personnel in the area and for that, we are thankful!


Guide & Protect & Serve & Essential

Meet Essential Worker Alana. She is a Charge Nurse at Baptist Hospital

Alaina – Charge Nurse

Alaina is a front-line #Essential community member working as a Charge Nurse for Baptist Hospital. Throught the pandemic, Alaina has been described as showing gratitude for her ability to work and do what she loves. “Her willingness and eagernees to serve others is unwavering.”


Serve & Positive & Grateful & Essential

Meet Essential Workers Cindy and Matt. They are in Real Estate and Lawn Care.

Cindy and Matt – Realtor and Lawn Service

When the world was slowing down, most people had to figure out how to keep going. Throughout the Pandemic, Matt and Cindy continued their practices in real estate and in lawn service. “They are always willing to lend a helping hand and they take pride in all that they do… That is why they are #Essential.”


Community & Support & Commitment & Essential

Meet Essential Worker Dee. He works at Winn Dixie..

Dee – Grocery Clerk

Dodrick or “Dee” is an #Essential grocer who has been working for Winn Dixie for the past year. Dee serves his community with kindness and is described as having a special passion for helping people. When everything was closed, Dee was at work – making sure people had their necessities. Thank you for all you do!


Passion & Helpful & Kind & Essential

Meet Essential Worker Samantha. She is a medical assistant

Samantha – Medical Assistant

Samantha is a Medical Assistant at Santa Rosa Medical Center. Since the beginning of the pandemic, she has worked the screening stations daily. Front-line medical workers like Samantha are #Essential to keeping our community cared for.


Frontline & Patients & Family & Essential

Meet Essential Worker Talisha. She is a sandwich crafter

Talisha – Sandwich Crafter

Here’s a “taste” of what it means to be #Essential… Talisha works for a sandwich shop where she is “grateful to be able to help keep our community fueled so that we can keep taking strides towards a better tomorrow, together.”


Greatful & Community & Together & Essential

Meet Essential Worker Yolanda. She is an Oncology Nurse

Yolanda – Oncology Nurse

Yolanda is an oncology nurse who brings “love, hope, and sincere care to patients everyday…” because they matter to her. We’re thankful for workers like Yolanda who are fulfilled by prioritizing the medical needs of others.


Love & Hope & Care & Essential

Meet Essential Worker Angela. She is a Pensacola Fire Fighter.

Angela – Pensacola Fire Fighter

Meet Angela, a firefighter for the city of Pensacola. She’s praised by friends and family for her strong work ethic. During the pandemic, there have been times where Angela is working 96 hour shifts. Her commitment to keeping our community safe makes her #Essential.


Community & Family & Dedication & Essential

Meet Essential Worker Jasmine. She works is a RN.

Jasmine – Registered Nurse

Jasmine is a registered nurse working in the Adult Intensive Care Unit and Step-down Intermediate Care Unit at Ascension Sacred Heart. With eleven years of experience overall, it’s safe to say Jasmine’s childhood dream of becoming a nurse has come true. “Her passion for nursing stems from her desire to have a servant’s heart and care for others, with the ultimate goal of positively impacting and inspiring others.”


Experience & Passion & Care & Essential

Meet Essential Worker Patrina. She works as a Phlebotomist

Patrina – Phlebotomy

Meet Patrina, an in-house phlebotomy technician who collects blood samples from patients with various illnesses. Her work is #Essential because results provide pertinent health information about the patients so that treatment plans can be made effectively. Patrina explains that “efficiency, accuracy, caution, and compassion” are vital qualities needed to carry out her duties and provide for the community she serves.


Impact & Treat & Safe & Essential