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Vehicle Loans Assistance

Auto Loan Refinance

It depends on your current interest rate and loan term compared to what you qualify for with Pen Air.
You can apply for the loan in only your name. However, you must qualify for the loan in only your name in order to be approved.
Possibly! It depends on your overall credit qualifications and the term of your loan.

New Auto Loans

At PenAir Credit Union, there are three ways to apply for an auto loan: an online application, by phone when you call 850.505.3200, or in person at your local branch.
Depending on multiple factors, such as credit score, some consumers may qualify for financing of 84 months of a seven-year term or more.

Recreational Vehicle Loans

No, you don't need to have a PenAir account to apply. However, if you're approved for a loan, you'll need to become a PenAir member to access the funds. Don't worry, the membership process is quick and easy!
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