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2021 NOW Teams: 3 Families, 1 $5,000 prize

Follow along as the Manson, Rider and Wooton families navigate their NOW journeys to the financial freedom they’ve been dreaming of and compete for $5,000.

The Journey to Financial Freedom Starts NOW!

NOW program families

Pen Air’s NOW Program is your path to finding the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of. During this seven-month program, the 2021 NOW Teams will aim to decrease their debt, increase savings and learn how to foster healthier spending habits.

Points will be awarded to each family for percent increase in savings, percent decrease in debt, submitting blog and video content, attending Pen Air financial workshops, volunteering in the community, and meeting with their NOW Advisor.

2021 NOW Families:

2021 NOW teams introduce themselves

The Mansons: Clayton, Gillian, Rowan, and Tammy

Postal worker & Teacher from 9-5.

Interests: Softball players | Backyard barbecue enthusiasts | Dog lovers

The Mansons understand the basics of money management, but they’re looking forward to the expert advice they’ll receive from their NOW Advisor, Andrea to make their financial future even brighter.

The Riders: Jennifer, Bayleigh, Kirk, and Bella

Dental hygienist & Baldwin EMC Technician by day.

Hobbies: Dancer | Golfer | Hikers | Fun-loving travelers

With their finances in “survival mode” since Hurricane Sally took a blow on their bank account, they want to get their finances in order without having to sacrifice making memories with their daughters.

The Wootons: Hunter, Tammy, Hayden, and Wesley

Passions: Baseball players | Beach lovers | Sports fanatics | Spirited competitors

Wesley and Tammy’s new marriage and adoption of their two young boys has them starting over later in life. They’re focused on setting goals for retirement and building a foundation of healthy money habits for their children. They are determined to work hard with their NOW Advisor, Katelyn to turn their new beginning into a happily ever after.

What to Expect:

NOW Teams are paired with a Pen Air Financial Counselor, or NOW Advisor who provide a personalized game plan and resources to help each family pay off debt and plan for a financially stable future.

Over the course of this year, NOW Advisors will work directly with our Teams – getting to know their personalities, spending habits, financial needs and wants. Together, each Team will create a tailored financial plan to custom fit each family’s lifestyle.

On average, our participating 2020 NOW Teams saved $12,381 and decreased their debt by $16,043.

At the completion of seven months, the NOW Team that earns the most points during the contest will be awarded $5,000.

Watch each team’s progress by following along here, on Pen Air’s blog. Don’t forget to cheer on your favorite team on Pen Air’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, too! Learn more about the NOW program.

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