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NOW 2021: Why You Should Apply

Be a part of Pen Air's 2021 NOW Program, designed to guide three selected families to the financial freedom they've been dreaming of.

Find Your Freedom NOW

the Patroni family

Pen Air’s 2021 NOW program will provide a unique opportunity for our members to change the way they think about their financial future. On average, our participating NOW Teams have saved $12,381 and decreased their debt by $16,043.

NOW is a seven-month long program designed to guide three selected families to the financial freedom they’ve been dreaming of. These families will be paired with a Pen Air Financial Coach, or NOW Advisor, who will lead them on the journey to lowered debt and increased savings.

Along the way, selected NOW Teams will be asked to document their journey via social media, video and blogs to inspire the community.

The Journey to Financial Freedom

NOW participants will finish this financial challenge with a better understanding of their income and expenses and how to foster healthier spending habits.

But of course, that’s not all.

After seven months, the NOW Team that earns the most points during the contest will be awarded $5,000!

Points will be awarded for percent increase in savings, percent decrease in debt, submitting blog and video content, attending financial workshops, volunteering in the community, and meeting with their NOW Advisor.

If you would like to begin your own journey towards financial freedom, check out Pen Air’s NOW Program of financial counseling and education for yourself.

Meet with a Financial Coach

Change the way you think about your financial future.

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