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Budgets Work!

It’s almost been two weeks since the start of the NOW competition.

We’ve utilized a budget tracker to help us keep track of our income and expenses, which has been extremely helpful. Since this started, one of the most eye-opening things has been going through our bank statements and realizing how much we spend on DoorDash orders each month. That was the first thing we completely cut out and decided we would work on. We decided to plan two meals each week that we would cook and then grocery shop each week accordingly. So far, so good.

Our kids have adjusted to the changes well. We didn’t realize how our busy work schedules resulted in us spending more money than we should have been – ON FOOD. These past two weeks and the use of the budget tracker have already helped us divert money that would have gone to food into our savings. I think we are all realizing that this is going to be a long 7 months, but it will be well worth it – and we need this. It’s about teaching our family to budget and live within our means. It’s funny how convenience in the now can turn into inconvenience in the long run.

We learned that we will close on our new home within a few short days. While we are excited about this, we are also nervous about how this will affect our budget and expenses. There will be some adjustments, but we are confident and very excited.

I can’t wait to update you guys on our progress on the next blog!

Savage Family, signing off!

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