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Teamwork Makes Dreams Come True!

Things are coming into perspective finance-wise for us.

We’ve encountered a lot of unforeseen expenses since purchasing our home in July. I think we can agree our biggest savior has been using a budget spreadsheet to help us focus on where our money is going and manage our income more effectively to plan. The biggest hindrance my husband and I faced coming into the competition was that we had the income but didn’t know how to work together to handle our finances. Once the competition began, we came to an agreement that one of us would handle the budget, and together, we’d review everything and come up with any changes. This has been working for us!  It’s interesting how we’re both excited to see what the next pay period will look like for us. Despite our setbacks with ending up with a flat tire, buying a home which increased our housing expenses, the start of the new school year for our three sons, which required us to set aside funds for school supplies and clothes, and a few other unexpected expenses, we are feeling very confident in ourselves and the NOW competition. We understand more than ever that teamwork will make this dream of gaining financial stability and setting ourselves up for freedom from debt work.

Until next time,

The Savage Family

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