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What’s A Financial Advisor & How Do I Get One?

Life is full of up and downs, but a Financial Advisor can provide you with the knowledge to put you on the path of financial freedom - NOW.

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We all know that life is full of up and downs and sometimes financial hardships block the way. At Pen Air, we have a team of Certified Financial Counselors who are ready to help you clear the roadblocks and provide you with the knowledge to put you on the path of financial freedom NOW.

Pen Air puts some of our highest potential Member Advisors, Credit Resolution Specialists, and Credit Analysts through an extensive training course called the CUNA Financial Counseling Certification Program (FiCEP). Pen Air offers 34 Financial Counselors who have graduated the six-month long course and obtained their Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC) designation. These employees are fully equipped with the skills and knowledge required to guide Pen Air members to financial security with providing reliable advice from budgeting to navigating a financial hardship.

“The FiCEP certification has provided me with new resources and better ways to counsel our members to help them reach their financial goals, uncover their needs, discover financial solutions, and build stronger relationships. The knowledge I have gained is already creating personalized experiences that will enhance our members lives for years to come.” – Amber, Litigation Specialist, Pen Air Federal Credit Union

Meeting with one or our financial counselors gives you the opportunity to get clearer picture of your finances with personalized, confidential, one-on-one coaching. They will help you develop a balanced budget focused on developing healthy spending habits, eliminating debt, managing your credit score, increase your savings and more.

Since 2011, credit unions with at least one CCUFC on staff have seen a significant drop of 53% in delinquency rates. The Pen Air Financial Advisors have the ability to deepen their relationships with members and help them understand their credit report, living expenses, spending behaviors and debt.

Pen Air offers this financial counseling service to all members for FREE as well as part of the NOW Team experience. NOW is a unique opportunity for three families to work closely as a team with a Pen Air Financial Advisor to increase their savings and decrease their debt. NOW Teams are asked to document their seven-month journey toward financial freedom via social media, video and blogs to engage with the community and influence others.

Meet with a Financial Coach

Change the way you think about your financial future.

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