Pen Air Management. Photo features the Executive Team members: Angie, Stu, Carroll, Mark, Ryan and Dana


Board of Directors

Pen Air Boad of Directors: Maurice, Eileen, John, Stephanie, Robert, Anne and Grady.

  • Maurice Johnson
  • Eileen Ehrsam, Secretary
  • John Cihota
  • Stephanie Oram
  • Robert Jacobson, Vice Chair
  • Ann McCall, Treasurer
  • Grady Hester, Chair

Pen Air Federal Credit Union's Board of Directors consists of seven voting members, and a Member Emeritus, who serve without financial compensation. They possess the responsibility for maintaining the general direction and control of the Credit Union to safeguard each member's investments.

Among other things, the Board is responsible for appointing positions within the Credit Union, including the Supervisory Committee and Chief Executive Officer; approving the number and classes of shares, share certificates and share draft accounts; approving dividend and interest rates; and establishing and maintaining a system of internal controls consistent with the regulations of the Board Policies, Credit Union Bylaws and those of National Credit Union Administration.

Supervisory Committee

Pen Air Supervisory Committee: Darryl, Randy and Donald

  • Darryl W. Johnson
  • Randy Roy
  • Donald J. Bailey
  • Randy Smith (not pictured)
  • Nettie Williams (not pictured)

Each member of Pen Air's Supervisory Committee is appointed by Pen Air's Board of Directors. The Supervisory Committee consists of three members and is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the Credit Union's financial activities on behalf of the members.

The Committee affirms that the Credit Union's management is protecting the assets of the Credit Union by establishing and maintaining sound internal controls in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, the Federal Credit Union Act, and Pen Air Bylaws. The Committee is also responsible for providing an independent assessment of the safety and soundness of the Credit Union and determining that the financial condition of Pen Air is accurately presented in its financial statements.

Executive Team

Pen Air Executive Team: Angie, Stu, Carroll, Mark, Ryan and Dana

  • Angie Betts, Senior Vice President/CMO
  • Stewart Ramsey, President/CEO 
  • Carroll Scarborough, Executive Vice President/CFO
  • Mark Brewer, Senior Vice President/CIO
  • Ryan Ross, Senior Vice President/CRO
  • Dana Mullins, Senior Vice President/CPO