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President's Message

Serving as the President of a large credit union, I get the privilege of representing Pen Air Federal Credit Union on the Board of Directors of several credit union related organizations and with that comes a fair amount of travel.  You can ask almost any member of my staff, but when I travel, I get the opportunity to read – industry publications, books, etc.  That usually means that when I return to the office, I will have read and thought about how we could do something different or a new product or service we should consider.  As you might guess, the team gets a little nervous about what I will come back with next.

During my most recent trip, I had the opportunity to read a great book by Simon Sinek titled “Start With Why”.  I believe the team will be thankful this was the book I chose and I hope you will as well.  In fact, I would suggest it, as it is great for anyone to read.

My short summary of what I gained from the book is that we all need to take a step back and ask why we are doing the things we do.  As we all know, the world is changing at a faster and faster pace each year and at times we struggle to just keep up– or at least that’s how it feels.  Thankfully, at Pen Air, we took a step back four years ago to truly understand what our mission is and then ensured we had values that back it up.  In late 2015 and early 2106, I shared our values with you through this newsletter.

As we move forward with new technology, branch locations, product offerings, etc., I want to assure you that we will stay focused on our mission – “Enhancing Lives through Exceptional Service, Strength and Financial Solutions.”  The goal is to make sure whatever changes we make will provide better service for our members, provide a most cost effective product  or help you reach a dream, which in the end will make Pen Air a stronger organization that will continue to live our mission for the next generation.

Trust that we will be constantly asking ourselves “why” to make sure we don’t get caught up in things that don’t help us live our mission every day.  So what is your “Why”??


Stewart Ramsey