We Believe in You and Your Dreams

At Pen Air Federal Credit Union respect is a guiding principle. An unshakeable belief in dreams and the can-do attitudes that make them real. As the largest and oldest local credit union in Pensacola, Florida with $1.4 billion in assets, we are dedicated to enhancing lives through exceptional service, strength and financial solutions. We currently have 16 locations in
Northwest Florida and Southeast Alabama. As a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution, we’ve proudly served our community since 1936.

The Pen Air Scholarship Program was established to help Pen Air student members, who have a passion for helping others, pursue a post-secondary education toward an undergraduate or associates degree or trade certification.  From its inception in 2010 through 2018, $47,250 in grants were awarded to local high school students. 

Pen Air will award scholarships in the amount of up to $10,000 to be paid at a level of $1,250 per semester for up to eight (8) semesters depending on the degree pursued. The scholarship will be equal to the cost billed by the school for each semester or $1,250 whichever is less. Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the school by Pen Air. The application process takes place during the first quarter of every year.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for a Pen Air Scholarship, the student must meet the following:

  1. Applicant must be a primary member of Pen Air Federal Credit Union. Student must be the primary owner of the Pen Air account, not just a joint owner, and the account must be in good standing.
  2. Applicant must be a graduating high school senior and will attend an accredited college, university, community college or technical school, and be considered a full time student for each semester for the 2018-2019 academic year as defined by the respective school. Graduate students are not eligible.
  3.  At the completion of each semester, scholarship recipients will be required to submit a grade report for the completed semester and maintain a grade point average of no less than a “C” (2.0 on a 4 point scale) to be eligible to renew the scholarship for the following semester. In addition, the recipient must remain a member in good standing at all times to be eligible for renewal.
  4. Previous recipients may not apply for additional scholarships.

Please make sure to review the instructions carefully. Failure to supply all information may disqualify the applicant from consideration. Please retain a copy of the application and information for record purposes. No application or documentation will be returned.

Selection criteria

All qualified applicants will have an equal opportunity to be selected to receive a Pen Air Scholarship. Since Pen Air is a not-for-profit credit union, we are committed to being socially responsible, therefore scholarships will be awarded based on a student’s academic performance and passion for helping others. A qualified applicant is anyone who meets the above eligibility and has submitted all required information.

2019 Recipients

  • Ansley, Pensacola Catholic High School
  • Finn, Robertsdale High School
  • Jordan, Pensacola High School
  • Lindsey, West Florida High School
  • Valerie, Pace High School

2018 Recipients

  • Caroline,  Gulf Breeze High School
  • Hannah, Northview High School
  • Sierra,  Navarre High School
  • Seth,  West Florida High School

2017 Recipients

  • Trent, Jay High School
  • Sydney, Hoover High School
  • Ekaterina, Gulf Breeze High School
  • Alexus, Foley High School
  • Jonecia, Pine Forest High School

2016 Recipients

  • Tyler, West Florida High School
  • Lauren, Milton High School
  • Julia, Washington High School
  • Moira, Navarre High School
  • Lakirstan, West Florida High School
  • Shelby, Pace High School

2015 Recipients

  • Hannah, Navarre High School
  • Savannah, Gulf Breeze High School
  • Alexis, Milton High School
  • Emili, Pace High School
  • Allison, Washington High School
  • Addie, West Florida High School

2014 Recipients

  • Mikyla, Washington High School
  • Tiffanie, Milton High School
  • William, Pace High School
  • Abby Ruth, Jay High school
  • Kara, Robertsdale High School
Students gathered together in a huddle. Pen Air scholarship program for our youth members

Scholarship Program