Whether you are saving for college, buying a new home, planning a vacation or for a rainy day, we have a Savings Account to fit your dreams. Pen Air offers short and long term insured investments designed to help you reach your goals.


Membership begins with a Pen Air Savings Account.

  • Minimum deposit of $25
  • Earn faster. Dividends are compounded daily and credited quarterly
  • Easy Access. Withdraw or transfer by mail, phone, ATM, or in person

Money Market Accounts

For those who want to earn dividends on their savings balance, this account is loaded with features and functions - like earning higher dividends!

Round It

The Round It program rounds your debit card transactions up to the next dollar. The extra funds are transferred nightly to a special Round It Savings Account. Use this secondary savings account for something special or just know that as you make purchases, you are also saving. Enroll in the Round It program at any Pen Air location, over the phone or through Online Banking (log into your account and go to forms).

Christmas Club

It's never too early to start saving for the Holidays!

  • Minimum deposit of $25
  • Balance transferred to Savings Account in November for immediate use
  • To renew the account simply make a deposit of any amount

Certificate Accounts

If you are seeking a higher yield, then invest in a Certificate Account

  • Minimum deposit requirements vary depending on term
  • Several terms to choose from