Shared branching is a unique concept based on a credit union principal of cooperation. Credit Unions across the United States have pooled resources to better serve their members. This shared branching network allows credit unions to serve each other's members. As a Pen Air member you can go to another credit union who is a part of the shared branch network and do transactions on your Pen Air account.

Click on the locations tab at the top of the home page and select the CO-OP Shared Branch option and enter the zip code of the area you are looking for and hit enter.

Deposit, withdrawals, transfer between sub-accounts, loan payments, and account history. *Pen Air Business Account holders cannot access their accounts through a Shared Branch.

You need a government picture ID such as a Driver's License, and your Pen Air account number.

Some checks will have funds released for immediate use; others will be placed on hold for 2 days by the Shared Branch. However, Pen Air always reserves the right to extend the length of time a check is on hold in accordance with our Funds Availability Policy. Why the check hold rule? Check Fraud. The rule is there to prevent abuse and losses.

The shared branching limit is $1,500. Please note that some credit unions may have lower limits, and this information is available at the specific Shared Branch locations.

Yes, as long as your loan payment does not exceed 30 days. Your shared branching teller may call Pen Air on any late payment to verify that Pen Air will accept the payment.

No, ATMs are not included in the Shared Branch Network.

*Line of Credits cannot be withdrawn from at a Shared Branch. ATMs and Pen Air Business Account transactions are not included in the Shared Branch Network.

Shared Branching Frequently Asked Questions

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