Spending Safely

General Cash Card

Reloading is easier than you think with Pen Air's Cash Card. Get a card that's loaded with opportunity. You're already approved.

Our pre-paid reloadable Cash Card is safer than cash and more convenient than writing a check, plus it works just like a Visa® Debit Card-only without the need for a checking account or the usual credit check! Just load up your Cash Card and use it to make purchases, pay bills and get cash at more than a million ATMs worldwide. You can reload your cash card online, by phone or at any Pen Air location. You can even have your paycheck deposited directly to your Cash Card. This makes your life much easier and provides you instant access to your money without the hassle of making a trip to the branch to cash a check. Get your Cash Card today and relax, because you're already approved.


Student Cash Card

Give your student the financial independence they deserve with a Pen Air reloadable pre-paid Student Cash Card. Teach your teen money management skills by rewarding them with their own personalized Visa® Student Cash Card. They'll have easy access to funds without ever overspending. You can also access and monitor the account activity for greater parental control. It's perfect for students who are just starting out and help them keep better track of their finances without needing a traditional checking account. It swipes like a debit card, but you load it with cash. Since it can be used anywhere Visa® is accepted, it can be used to make everyday purchases and access cash at millions of ATMs worldwide. Help your student start their path to a bright financial future with a Pen Air Student Cash Card today!



Stay secure on the go! Whatever direction your travel plans take you, consider a Pen Air Cash Card. It can be used anywhere VISA® is accepted worldwide, providing you a safe, secure, and convenient alternative.