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You can take control of your money. By creating a spending plan, you'll break the debt cycle and use your money for what's most important to you - retirement, a dream vacation, a down payment for a house...Whatever your goal, a strong spending plan is the foundation for reaching it. That's why we've provided access to free and confidential financial counseling and education through BALANCE® , a respected financial-education organization, to provide free confidential financial counseling to our members.

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Balance Financial Fitness Logo


These personal finance education programs - for adults, teens, and college students- are designed to guide you through the core aspects of personal financial management and help you move toward financial success. Programs include:

  • Debt and Budget Coaching
  • Credit Report Review
  • Student Loan Coaching
  • Homeownership Coaching
  • Rental Coaching
  • Bankruptcy Coaching
  • Balance Track
  • My Balance
  • Get In Balance

Getting Started

To learn more or to reach out to a helpful BALANCE representative, visit their website , send an email or call directly 888.456.2227

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