As a financial institution, Pen Air Federal Credit Union must comply with and enforce numerous federal regulations. One of these regulations, known as Regulation D, limits you to no more than six (6) withdrawals or transfers from each share savings, money market and Round-It accounts during the calendar month.  Any transfer requests (including overdraft transfers) that are received after you have exceeded your limit of six will be charged a $29 Excessive Reg D fee as well.  A complete list of fees can be found here.

Restricted Transactions

(total of 6 per month)


UnRestricted Transactions


Transfers and withdrawals to another account of the same member at the same credit union or to a third party by means of:

  • Preauthorized or Automatic Transfer
  • Telephone or Fax
  • Flex-Tone
  • Home or Online Banking
  • Check, draft, debit card or similar order payablet to third parties

Transfers into the account

Transfers to repay the member's loans and associated expenses at the credit union

Transfers to another account of the same member at the same credit union or withdrawals given directly to the member when made:

  • By mail or messenger
  • At an ATM
  • In person
  • By telephone, if the transaction results in a check mailed to the depositor


To avoid exceeding Regulation D limits on non-transaction accounts:

  • Make recurring electronic payments from your checking account instead of your savings.
  • Keep sufficient balances in your checking account to avoid overdrafts.
  • Use a line of credit for overdraft protection instead of a savings account.
  • Perform transfers (including wire transfers) at an ATM or in person at one of our  locations.