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Are there any qualifications to use Mobile Check Deposit for Businesses?

Yes, the following will be considered for all businesses. Other criteria may be needed depending on how long your business and PenAir business account has been established.

  • Must have a valid email address (can not be blank or declined@penair.org).
  • Must have a valid physical address.
  • Can not be over the Overdraft Protection limit.
  • Must have a share balance greater than or equal to $5 in primary share savings.
  • Must be eligible for Courtesy Pay.
  • Can not have a Courtsey Pay loan.
  • Any return deposited items within the last 90 days will require a review.
  • No collection status on a loan or account (PACU charge off’s, past due/delinquent accounts).
  • Account type cannot be payee or estate.
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