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Whether you're just starting a career, or already in retirement, the decisions you make today will help to shape your future.

We all dream of the perfect retirement. As often as not, however, it seems like everyday life gets in the way. Although it may be hard to believe at times, everyday- life is the raw material from which we are given the opportunity to create building blocks for a better future.

Planning Tools

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Beneficiary Planners

Are you an IRA beneficiary? If so, don’t miss out on the significant tax-deferral options available to you. These tools will help you identify your distribution options, project future payments, and calculate required beneficiary distributions.

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Early Payout Planners (IRC Sec. 72(t))

Retiring early? These tools will help you structure payments that qualify for exemption from the 10 percent early distribution penalty tax, which typically applies to distributions taken before age 59½.

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Health Savings Account (HSA) Tools

Are you interested in starting a health savings account (HSA)? These tools will help you to determine your eligibility, calculate contribution limits, and project the value of your HSA at future points.

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IRA Eligibility Calculator

What type of IRA are you eligible for? This tool helps you determine your eligibility for making Traditional IRA or Roth IRA contributions.

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IRA Selector Tools

What type of IRA is best for you based on your financial circumstances and retirement objectives? These tools help you weigh the pros and cons of Traditional and Roth IRAs from a variety of perspectives.

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Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Planners

Approaching age 70½? Are you already in RMD status? These tools will help you understand the implications of the RMD rules and calculate withdrawals that meet the RMD requirements.

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Rollover Planners

Receiving a lump-sum distribution from an employer-sponsored retirement plan? These tools will help you identify the tax options available to you and compare the retirement income implications of your various alternatives.


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Roth IRA Conversion Tools

Should you consider converting some or all of your Traditional IRA assets to a Roth IRA? These tools help you weigh the pros and cons of a Roth IRA conversion from a variety of perspectives.

Looking for a Bigger Portfolio?

Have a large IRA or existing investment account? Planning for your future? Looking to retire? We can help.

Life Stages

In this section, you have the opportunity to explore some of the key topics you should consider at various life stages to help ensure a successful retirement.

Getting Started

Congratulations–you made it here! The first step toward financial security in retirement is taking the time to learn about your current financial situation and saving options. Nowadays, Americans live longer and retire earlier.

Start saving

Actively Saving

If you’re currently setting aside money for retirement, you’ve taken the critical first step. Good for you! Now it’s time to revisit and refine your saving strategy to ensure you can financially support the type of retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

Improve your strategy

Getting Married

Getting married is a momentous occasion. While you are looking forward to the wedding celebration and immediate joys of formalized coupledom, marriage is also an opportune time to anticipate your future together by creating a plan for financial security in retirement.

Plan for the future

Starting a Family

By now, you have probably heard every snippet of advice you could ever want (and some that you did not) regarding your new baby. However, most people will spare you the details of one baby-related subject, finances, and that is probably because they themselves are unsure of what advice to give!

Protect your family’s financial future

Changing Jobs

Congratulations! You may have taken a position with a new company, decided to branch out on your own, or made the choice to become a stay-at-home parent. This may be your chance to advance professionally and move closer to your career objective, or to redirect your skills and experience.

Understand your retirement plan

Recently Laid Off

We live in a constantly changing economy. Corporate reorganizations, global competition, and new technologies affect all of our lives. Often such events lead to company downsizing.

Protect your retirement savings

Suddenly Single

Life’s events can bring on high volumes of stress, and, unfortunately, divorce or legal separation is one of those events. There are many issues people must deal with when going through a divorce or legal separation.

Get support

Inheriting Retirement Assets

Recovering after the death of a loved one is often a distressing process. At a time when you are recovering emotionally, you may be overwhelmed by having to make financial decisions regarding estate and inheritance issues.

Find resources

Hoping to Retire Early

Admit it, unless you have a Type A workaholic personality, you have dreamed of what life would be like without the drudgery of dragging yourself to work day in and day out.

Move forward financially

Approaching Retirement

Isn’t it great? You are finally at that point in your life where you can see the retirement light at the end of your career tunnel. You are about five years from calling it quits, give or take a few years.

How to prepare

In Retirement

You have made it to retirement, to the victor go the spoils! How can you enjoy your new found freedom to its fullest? Seven common sense steps that will increase your chances of remaining healthy and really living in retirement.

A guide to retirement

Retirement FAQs

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