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Leadership and service are one and the same.

We promise to be as prepared, flexible, and timely with our responses to any changes made, but most importantly we will always place member service as our top priority.

Banking Information

Remember to leverage our Digital Banking options, including the PenAir App, Mobile Check Deposit, and other digital services.

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Shared Branching

Access your PenAir accounts at more than 7,000 branches worldwide with Co-Op Shared Branch services.

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LIVE Machines

Take care of 95% of your banking needs with our user-friendly Live Interactive Video Experience (LIVE) Machines – including making deposits and 24/7 ATM access.

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Digital Solutions

You are empowered to manage your money any time, any place with PenAir’s advanced Digital Banking solutions. For every which way you go, we’re (literally) right by your side.

Need a little more information?

Most Digital Wallets can be used wherever contactless payments are accepted. Be sure to look for your preferred Digital Wallet’s logo or symbol before check-out while in-store or on your favorite apps and websites.

Find out more about where each individual wallet is accepted by visiting their websites:

  1. To receive a temporary password, click on the Forgot Password link inside the login box. Enter in the phone number associated with your Digital Banking profile and your username. Passwords will be sent via a voice call or as a text message.
  2. To retrieve your username, click on the Forgot Password link inside the login box and then click on “I forgot my username” link on the following page. Input the email address that is associated with your Digital Banking profile.

For security reasons, Digital Banking will lock your account access after 3 unsuccessful login attempts. If you have been locked out, you can use the “Forgot Password” link to reset your password. You can also contact us at 850.505.3200 to have your password reset.

Hurricane Season: Jun 1 – Nov 30

During a hurricane or other natural disaster, please be prepared. Here are some suggested options to get you ready:

Emergency Information



Resource Links

Be prepared for any storm

Need a little more information?

Whether this is your first season or 45th, we could all use a reminder from time to time. Here’s some Hurricane 101 information to keep in mind BEFORE the storm.

June 1 – November 30

    WINDS 74-95MPH
    WINDS 96-110MPH
    WINDS 111-130MPH
    WINDS 131-155MPH
    WINDS 155MPH

Each year prior to hurricane season, your family should review your existing strategy and make changes as necessary. Your hurricane strategy should include evacuation plans, such as where your family and pets will go, what route to take, when to leave and what supplies are necessary. Supplies should last for at least 72 hours.

Locate options by zip code by visiting the American Red Cross, or Salvation Army, or by texting SHELTER and your zip code (for example, “SHELTER 01234”) to 4FEMA (43362). (Standard text message rates apply.)

Stay up to date on the latest information.

PenAir is eager to provide you the best member experience possible while keeping your health and safety a top priority.

We are closely monitoring reports from our Nation’s Capital about the potential government shutdown. As we anticipate this possibility, PenAir stands ready to assist members who may be impacted.

If the Shutdown Happens, Here’s How We Can Help

In the event of a shutdown, members who receive a federal direct deposit payroll into a PenAir account will be eligible for a 4-month, 0% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) loan up to the full amount of their paycheck, up to a maximum of $5,000*. We are also available to offer tailored solutions for eligible members who may need assistance with their loan payments.

How to Apply

To apply or explore further options, you can schedule an appointment online at www.penair.org/Appointments, visit any branch, or call 850.505.3200 or toll-free 1.877.473.6247 (877.4PENAIR).



©2023 PenAir Credit Union. Federally Insured by NCUA. *APR = Annual Percentage Rate of 0% fixed rate installment loan with no fees. *Maximum loan amount is $5,000 with a maximum payback term of four (4) months. Offer valid to existing Pen Air CU members only who have direct deposit of payroll to their existing Share Savings or Share Checking Account. A copy of the furlough letter is also required. Member must be 18 years old in Florida or 19 years old in Alabama.

Effective October 1, 2022, PenAir Federal Credit Union Became PenAir Credit Union.

Our Board of Directors approved a recommendation for PenAir FCU to convert from a federal, to a state-chartered credit union. Our not-for-profit institution by-laws require a member vote to approve a change to our charter. This vote to convert from our current federal charter to a state charter took place on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 and will go into effect October 1, 2022.

So, what does this charter change mean for your relationship? Your interaction, accounts and member experience will not be impacted in any way. By converting to a state charter, we can expand our field of membership and pursue growth opportunities outside our current three county area. Growth for the credit union allows us to maintain a strong financial position into the future, enabling us to better serve our members and diverse communities in a sustainable way.

The charter change is truly in accordance with our Purpose “To Enhance Lives’, and with our Core Values that guide us every day:

What you need to know:

1) The Charter Change has been approved, what are our next steps?
Over the next several months, you will start to see us making administrative changes to remove the word “federal” from our branding. This includes items like documents, stationery, communication pieces, statements, advertising, signage, and more. All changes will be in place no later than 3/31/23.

2) Does this charter change affect our federally insured deposits?
No. It is important to note, that we will continue to be fully federally insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) which is managed by the NCUA and backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.

3) How will membership eligibility change?
Making this change allows us to remove barriers to membership, creating more ease and less friction to bank with PenAir! This means that anyone who lives, works, worships, or goes to school in the approved service area will be eligible to open an account.

Previously, for an individual to become a member, the person would need to qualify through one of our Select Employer Groups (SEG).

The expanded membership area now includes the following counties:


  • Baldwin, Alabama
  • Mobile, Alabama


  • Bay, Florida
  • Calhoun, Florida
  • Escambia, Florida
  • Franklin, Florida
  • Gadsden, Florida
  • Gulf, Florida
  • Holmes, Florida
  • Jackson, Florida
  • Leon, Florida
  • Liberty, Florida
  • Okaloosa, Florida
  • Santa Rosa, Florida
  • Wakulla, Florida
  • Walton, Florida
  • Washington, Florida

Otherwise individuals can open an account under our Friends of the Navy Marine Corps. Relief Society select employer group (SEG).

4) Why is PenAir making this change?

The move to a state charter is an investment in the future strength of our credit union. It is one that we expect will pay off in many ways – especially in the growth of our membership, and other financial performance metrics that allow us to keep loan rates low, pay higher rates on deposits, and expand the convenience and access of our services for all PenAir members.

5) How will members benefit?

Members will benefit in a number of ways. By making this change we’re able to pursue more growth opportunities across 17 counties ranging from Mobile County, AL to Leon & Wakulla Counties in Florida. This evolution allows us to maintain a strong financial position into the future, enabling us to better serve our members and diverse communities in a sustainable way. Growth for the credit union also means more resources available to improve our member’s experience.

Effective March 21, 2023, PenAir® Credit Union will provide enrolled members a new, static
limit of up to $750 and capping our “Non-Sufficient Fees” and “Courtesy Pay” fees to four per
day, per account. Business accounts will also receive the static limit, with no fee cap.

Courtesy Pay is a discretionary service, separate from the overdraft protection that comes with
your account, covering overdrafts for checking accounts and withdrawals. The new limit will not
fluctuate and is in accordance with industry standards.

We offer a variety of options that might better meet your financial needs. To learn more about
these options, please visit your nearest branch or contact our Member Service Center at
850.505.3200, should a higher limit be requested. PenAir also offers Certified Financial
Counseling, free of charge, providing personalized, confidential, one-on-one coaching
surrounding your financial situation.

If you have any questions, we are here to assist you. Simply schedule an appointment online, stop by your nearest branch or call our Member Service Center at 850-505-3200.

Dear valued PenAir Member,

Since 1936 PenAir Credit Union has been a catalyst where community, resources, and impact come together
to produce a powerful force for good. Grown from the values we hold most dear, three guiding principles
shape how we see the people we serve, the community around us, and our role within it. Respect. Service.
Communerosity®. Our purpose is to enhance lives of the communities we serve from Mobile County, Alabama
to Leon County, Florida.

Strength Through Diverse Communities and Membership

PenAir serves a diverse membership across the Florida panhandle and southern Alabama and is not
dependent on any one market sector or industry. Recent news of two large bank failures with specific
challenges has dominated the headlines. Those financial institutions were heavily concentrated in the tech
sector, start-ups, and cryptocurrency industry. Additionally, uninsured commercial deposits comprised over
90% of those financial institutions’ balance sheets. The heavy reliance on a distinct sector and high
concentration of uninsured deposits ultimately resulted in those banks’ challenges and instability. PenAir’s
purpose is to enhance lives, and by our very nature, we strive to serve diverse communities and protect their
financial well-being. We prioritize our members by taking a conservative approach that avoids focusing solely
on start-ups, the tech sector, or any one industry.

We’re Extremely Focused on Enhancing Lives

Supporting your financial needs and enhancing your life are at the core of who we are. We are not-for-profit,
and our goal is to return as much value as possible to our members through our market-leading rates, a full
suite of financial services, financial literacy, and community service. In the last year, we worked to improve
access with the announcement of our new location in Beulah, removed barriers by expanding membership
across 17 counties in Alabama and Florida, provided members value with industry-leading certificate and
Money Market rates, and saved you money with the addition of over 70,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide.
We are more than a financial institution rooted in financial strength and supported our communities with over
5,000 volunteer hours in the last year alone.

We’re Committed

You have our commitment that PenAir will continue to remain a powerful force for good, maintaining strong
financial strength and stability as your community partner. On behalf of our board of directors, leadership, and
staff, we thank you for your continued trust and support.

Respectfully ~ Delbert L. Morgan, CEO/President, PenAir Credit Union

Fee Schedule – Effective 8.1.23

The Board of Directors voted to approve the following changes, effective August 1, 2023:

  • Removed the  Business Account Returned Deposit Item Fee
  • Removed the  Returned Deposit Item Fee
  • Changed the Courtesy Pay Fee from Per Presentment to Up to 4 Per Day
  • Changed the Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Items from Per Presentment to Up to 4 Per Day
  • Clarified that Expedited Payment is for Bill Pay
  • Discontinued  the use of Share Checks

No matter which way you go, PenAir is here for you!

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