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Together we make a difference

We’re about real impact

Value, resources, tools and advice all connect here to make real impact to your life and others. At PenAir Credit Union, we believe that leadership and service are one and the same. We put our skills and our abilities to work for our people and each other.

It means

fulfilling a deliberate mission

to inspire change.

It means

Boots on the ground.

It means

Uplifting our differences

to enhance the lives of people who live in our communities.

Employee Giving

Employee Giving

Nuturing the community through paycheck donations and volunteering.

PenAir employees pour fifty-thousand dollars into local nonprofits each year through Jeans for Communerosity®. We pay $4 to wear our favorite pair of jeans and our donations are presented to like-minded nonprofits each month.

Local charities also receive the gift of time. PenAir employees are granted five paid hours per month to share our talent and knowledge with our neighbors in need.

It’s kind of embarrassing how much we care.

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Financial Wellness competition

Financial Wellness competition

A unique opportunity to strengthen your financial future is waiting for you.

NOW is a competition that gives you a better understanding of your income, expenses and creates healthier spending habits. Led by a PenAir Certified Financial Coach with a personalized game plan, you’ll change your financial future and have a chance to win $10,000.

Are you in?

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Community partnerships that fuel lasting impact.

By taking care of each other, we keep our communities strong. PenAir is proud to partner with like-minded organizations throughout the following counties in Florida and Alabama:

  • Escambia County
  • Santa Rosa County
  • Baldwin County
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Financial Learning

Financial Learning

Unlock life skills at any stage.

Talking about money shouldn’t be taboo. With easy access to financial resources you’ll actually want to use, we’ll work with you to unlearn bad habits, break generational cycles and plan a future that fits you.

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Let’s get together at a community event near you.

Connecting dollars where it makes sense helps big things happen. Events are where it all comes together, when local spirit and local dollars, becomes local change.

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