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Running a business can be expensive. (We get it.) We’ll help you buy what you need to support your business needs at a lower rate than most financial institutions.


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With a Term Loan, you can borrow much more than you could with a shorter-term business loan.

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Lower Interest Rates

Pay less interest on your loan. You might even qualify for a fixed-rate on your long-term loan which reduces your payments even more!

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Time to Refinance

Let’s shorten your term and save you some cash.

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What to Expect

We’ll schedule an appointment with you to understand your business goals.

You'll need the following:

  • Business Application (Signed by any owner with at least 20% interest)
  • Personal Financial Statement (Completed by an owner with at least 20% interest)
  • Schedule of Business Debt

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There are three main classification found in Term Loans: short-term term loan, intermediate term loan, and long-term term loan.

  • A Short-Term Loan is typically used to meet immediate funding needs that can be repaid immediately.
  • Intermediate-Term Loans are usually offered for a period of up to 84 months (7 years).
  • Long-Term Loans are typically repaid over three to 10 years, and in some cases as long as 25 years.

Here are some possibilities:

  • Purchase equipment or inventory.
  • Finance working capital.
  • Staffing needs.
  • Purchasing of real estate.
  • Refinancing business debts.
  • Funding business expansions.
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