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Are there any qualifications to use Mobile Check Deposit?

Yes, the following will be considered for consumer accounts:

  • Must have a valid email address (can NOT be blank)
  • Must have a valid physical address.
  • Can not be over the Overdraft Protection limit.
  • Must have a share balance greater than or equal to $5 in primary share savings.
  • Must be eligible for Courtesy Pay.
  • Can not have a Courtesy Pay loan.
  • Any return deposited items within the last 90 days will require a review.
  • No collection status on loan or account (PAFCU charge off’s, past due/delinquent accounts).
  • Account type can not e be rep payee or estate.
Tips and tricks for taking quality photos using your Android and iPhone.
  • Lighting Conditions: Bright but indirect light is best. Placing the check too close to lighting sources may cause shadows.
  • Background surface: Any surface of a solid color that contrasts with the check is best. Use a dark-color surface for light checks; a light-color surface for dark checks.
  • Document Zooming: Make sure that the bottom of the check is aligned with the base guideline on the camera when taking the picture.
  • Image Size: Use the green guidelines to properly zoom and scale. Make sure the entire check appears in the guidelines and fills the space as much as possible.
SVG linear gradient