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How do I budget for paying off debt?

If you are working on paying off a credit card, congratulations!

  • We recommend that you create a custom subcategory to track your progress, such as Bills & Utilities: Credit Card Payoff. This will allow you to see in Spending and Budgets Views how much you have spent towards paying down that debt. It is recommended that you do not use your card for purchases while you are paying it off. Not only will it be easier to stick to your goal if you just don’t use the card but it is more difficult to account for your credit card payoff if you are actively accruing debt on the card.
  • If you must use your credit card while you are paying it off, you can split the transaction between Transfers: Credit Card Payment for the portion that pays back what you spent, and Bills & Utilities: Credit Card Payoff for the amount that will be applied to the previous balance. If you also want to track separately how much of your credit card payment is applied to interest vs. what you owe, see “How do I account for interest paid on a loan?”
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