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How do I manage my transactions?

The Transactions View provides an easy way to review or find transactions from any account, over any time period. You can use the date range selector to determine what time frame the transactions represent, or you can use the search field to filter by payee, account, tags, amount, category, or date. You should always take a moment to review newly imported transactions. Not only does this help you keep track of your spending but will also help you to quickly identify fraudulent charges. When reviewing your transactions, make sure you recognize the transaction and verify that it is categorized correctly.

To view more or edit detail on a transaction, just click on it. You can customize your transactions using the following features:

  • Category: Categorize transactions so your spending will be accurately reflected in Spending and Budgets. Click on the category field and select the correct category from the drop down list.
  • Flags: Flag a transaction “B” for business-related, “P” for personal (default), or mark it with a flag to make it stand out in the transaction list.
  • Tags: Create custom tags to label transactions for searching. For example, you may wish to tag tax-related expenses, or expenses related to a vacation or family goal.
  • Memo: Add a memo when you need to remember special details about a transaction.
  • Split: Split a transaction between multiple categories to account for specific amounts in Spending and Budgets.
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