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What are the qualifications to participate in NOW?

To be eligible for PenAir’s NOW program, participants:

  • Must be a citizen(s) or legal resident(s) of the United States
  • Must be a PenAir Credit Union member(s) or eligible to join the credit union and willing to open transactional accounts for purposes of monitoring contest results
  • Must demonstrate a need for NOW and a willingness to significantly improve their financial situation. For example, to:
    » Reduce debt to create a savings plan
    » Create savings plan for retirement, tuition, home down payment
    » Must be willing to develop a savings goal and provide monthly reports on progress and results
    » Must be willing to work closely with NOW Financial Advisor Team
    » Must be willing to reveal and share the financial situation with the public
    » Must be comfortable being interviewed for print and electronic media discussing participation in Pen Air Credit Union’s NOW 2024.
    » Must not have declared bankruptcy in the last 12 months
    » Must not have caused Pen Air Credit Union a loss
  • NOW participants must execute all waivers and agreements required by PenAir Credit Union
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