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Custom building your next home is more accessible than you think. PenAir Credit Union offers financing up to 90% of the appraised value of your new home construction.

Benefits of a PenAir Construction to Permanent Home Loan

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Feel secure knowing your rate is protected

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Interest only payments during construction

Crunch the numbers.

What to Expect When You Apply for a PenAir Mortgage

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Compare loan types, rates and terms

Review your mortgage choices, play around with PenAir’s mortgage calculators, and even contact a PenAir Mortgage Expert to find the best option for you.

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Apply for your loan

It’s a lot easier than you might think. Our online loan application is a fast and easy way to get your mortgage loan process started.

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Provide supporting documents

We provide secure online and offline options to send required documents to our underwriters. We know this is the boring part, but our Mortgage Team will make it as easy as possible.

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Get your pre-approval

This step lets you know what your approvable purchase and finance amount is, the rate and potential monthly payment for that amount. Let the house hunt begin.

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Lock in your rate and get final approval

If you are refinancing, this step can take place right after pre-approval. For a home purchase, the loan will move toward closing once you have had an offer accepted and the property details are submitted to our team.

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Review final loan documents

Once we have the required property information in hand and other document requirements have been met, we can generate the final loan documents for review before setting a closing date.

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Close on your new home

Now for the fun part. Once a closing date is set, loan documents will be delivered to the closing agent for signing and financial transactions will be coordinated to complete the process. And just like that — you’re home.

Need a little more information?

The money from a Construction Loan is used to build your new home. A Permanent Home Loan pays off any liens or mortgages that are associated with the construction costs.

Land costs, soft costs (permits, design costs, etc.) or costs that are accounted for in the budget and an invoice is provided.

The loan term maturity for a construction loan is 12 months.

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