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Personal Checking

With a free Mastercard® Debit Card, no monthly maintenance fees, no minimum balance requirements, and digital tools at your fingertips, you have total control over your money.

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Personal Savings

Savings accounts are the building blocks of your financial foundation. Our complete range of Savings Accounts will allow you to determine which path you want to take to reach your money saving goals.

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Youth Accounts

PenAir’s Level UP Youth Account Program empowers young members (8+) to use a Debit Card and keep track of their budget with Digital Banking Solutions — all with Parental Controls that give you peace of mind.

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Health Savings Account

A better way to save for your health care needs. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are a tax-advantaged savings account you can use to pay for qualified medical expenses.

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Certificate Accounts work for you if you have savings that you know you won’t need for awhile. You’ll accrue interest over time so you can sit back while your money grows.

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Money Market

Keep access to your funds while earning great rates with a Money Market Account. Dividends are compounded and credited to your account monthly, and you can write up to six checks per month.

Find Your Savings Account

Let us recommend a Savings Account that fits you and your goals.

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