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PenAir Credit Union Launches Annual Financial Fitness Competition

Pensacola, Florida (June 17, 2024) PenAir Credit Union (PenAir) is excited to announce the launch of its annual Financial Fitness Competition, NOW. This transformative program is designed to empower and improve financial health and literacy. Selected participants can enhance their financial knowledge, develop better budgeting habits, and compete to win a $10,000 grand prize from PenAir.

The NOW competition spans seven months and focuses on building a clear understanding of personal finances, creating sustainable budgets, and improving credit scores. Participants will receive personalized coaching from PenAir’s certified financial counselors, who will guide them through every step of their financial journey. Since its inception, the competition has profoundly impacted participants, with past families achieving an average savings of $12,381 and reducing debt by $16,043.

“PenAir is dedicated to enhancing the financial well-being of our community,” said Casey Brueske, Community Education Development Specialist at PenAir. “This competition is more than just a contest; it’s a life-changing experience for families striving to secure a stable financial future. We are excited to see the positive transformations that will come from this year’s participants.”

To be eligible for the 2024-2025 NOW competition, applicants must either be current PenAir members or eligible to join. Applicants must also demonstrate a genuine commitment to improving their financial situations and be open to sharing their progress with the community through interviews, videos, and online posts. Three participants will be selected for the competition and receive ongoing support and guidance from PenAir financial experts from September 2024 through April 2025. The competition culminates with a NOW winners’ event in April 2025, where a $10,000 grand prize and two runners-up prizes of $5,000 and $3,000 will be awarded.

PenAir’s commitment to financial wellness is exemplified through the services provided by a team of certified financial counselors. These experts are committed to assisting members in achieving their financial goals through personalized guidance and education. Counselors work closely with members to create customized financial plans, address credit issues, and develop strategies for long-term financial success.

Applications for the NOW Financial Fitness Competition are now being accepted through July 15, 2024. For more information and to apply, visit https://link.edgepilot.com/s/35a25858/JCEHyaLoY0eRpkZ2Pjv6Jw?u=https://www.penair.org/NOW.


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