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PenAir Credit Union Unveils Bold New Brand

Pensacola, Fla. (June 21, 2023) – PenAir Credit Union (PenAir), Pensacola’s oldest and largest credit union, is excited to reveal its vibrant, new identity. The new brand showcases a bold color palette and a charismatic brand voice embodying the credit union’s passion and purpose for enhancing lives.

As part of its strategic growth plan, PenAir recognizes the importance of adapting to meet the changing needs of its members by fostering a strong and distinctive brand. Pen Air’s new look pays tribute to its long-standing community legacy, reflecting its commitment to providing exceptional service and offering a wide range of financial solutions while the updated tone paints a dynamic image that appeals to current and prospective members.

The credit union’s rebranding efforts come on the heels of completing the conversion to become a state-chartered credit union, expanding its service area from Mobile, AL to Tallahassee, FL. This transition empowers the credit union with expanded operational flexibility.

“This rebranding effort represents a significant milestone for PenAir, allowing us to communicate our values better and connect with our communities,” commented Delbert Lee Morgan, President and CEO of PenAir Credit Union. “While this is an exciting phase of growth, we remain committed to the values that have guided us over the past 87 years – Service, Respect, and Communerosity®. We are confident that the new look and feel will further solidify our position as a trusted financial partner along the Gulf Coast.”

In addition to the new visual identity, PenAir has enhanced its unique suite of products and services, each designed to meet the unique financial goals of its members. These offerings include personalized financing planning, innovative digital banking solutions, competitive loan options, and a range of savings and investment opportunities. To learn more, visit PenAir’s newly redesigned website: www.penair.org.


About PenAir Credit Union

Since 1936 PenAir Credit Union has been the catalyst where community, resources, and impact come together and produce a powerful force for good. With more than $2.8 billion in assets, our purpose is to enhance the lives of those we serve, from Mobile County, Alabama, to Leon County, Florida. Visit www.penair.org to learn more.


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