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Back to School, A Perfect Storm

When back to school budgets and hurricanes come together for the Patroni Family's Perfect Storm. Unexpected expenses can be a sticky situation.

The Perfect Storm

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This month has been great for the Patroni family! The kids have gone back to school which has allowed us to focus a little more on trying to sell some more unused items and also focus on adding to our savings. We paid off more debt and worked towards sticking to our budget laid out by our NOW Financial advisor, Sara.

Hugh worked overtime, and it was tough to not spend the extra money on items we wanted, but we made sure to put it all towards our debts. Melissa also worked extra and sold items we no longer needed in order to pay off more debt. The kids have also been sticking to the chore chart and learning the pros and cons to earning money and spending it wisely. The chore chart has been a huge help to us as parents since the kids now WANT to contribute.

Hurricane Sally was tough for us, with Hugh gone for a few days at work, but we’ve remembered to keep our goal in mind. Having money saved up already in case we needed it during the hurricane has really helped give us peace of mind and feel more prepared. We are well on our way to having no debt by the end of the year, while having more in savings than we ever thought possible. This program has been a huge inspiration to us and we hope others can benefit from the NOW Program soon.

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