Financial Counseling

Because financial wellness is a team effort.

One-on-one Financial Counseling

We all know that life is full of up and downs and sometimes financial hardships block the way. At PenAir, we have a team of Certified Financial Counselors who are ready to help you clear the roadblocks and provide you with the knowledge to put you on the path of financial freedom.

Through personalized, confidential, one-on-one coaching, we can help with:

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Building a balanced budget

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Eliminating debt

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Managing your credit score

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Increasing your savings

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Creating healthy spending habits

Find your freedom NOW

3 teams, 3 advisors, one $10,000 prize. Our financial wellness competition helps members build personalized game plans that will transform their financial futures.

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Financial freedom is the end game and PenAir is your “coach”.

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