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Communication vs Collections

During financial hardships, do you answer the collector's call or send to voicemail? Crystal says that communication is the key to moving forward. Here's why.

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Hi readers, it’s Crystal with an update on how the NOW program is going. Me and the kids have completed the month of July. It was eye opening to look at everything and realize how far in debt we really are. But working with my advisor I truly believe there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Something that stood out to me and my family for July/August is communication when it comes to debt collectors. If you can pick up that phone and communicate with your collectors, you will find that there are different options. A simple conversation could help keep the collectors from reporting to the credit bureaus, stop the nagging calls (every day), and help to keep your credit score from being lowered depending on the debt and other details.

If I could leave you with a valuable life lesson when it comes to organizing your finances, I would tell you it pays to communicate. Going forward, that will be what me and my family will implement in our daily lives.

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