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Financial Health Is the Goal

We have done a lot of prep for this financial adventure. Follow along as we prepare and overcome life's obstacles in the process of saving money and paying...

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Wow! Now?! Those are the two words that came to mind for our family on July 1 when this program started. We did a lot of prep for this financial adventure (interview, video shoot, photo shoots, meetings, budget reviews, etc.) but WOW, it is actually starting NOW! We are beyond excited to get started saving money and paying off debt.

This month our goals are to enjoy the process along with taking a look at our overall financial health, assess where we can improve and act on those areas. We have already started off with some great moves, one which includes opening all four of our kids (YES! FOUR KIDS!!) a savings account which is very exciting! They are just as invested in this journey as we are and have already started doing things around the house to help us out but also earn money to put into their savings accounts.

July does not come without hurdles and things to prepare for. We have identified that some additional costs are going to come up and are starting to learn to plan for those! Just to name a few, there is baseball and softball registration, two birthdays, back to school shopping, and summer day camp for the kids! July is not an easy month, but what month is? The more prepared we are, the better off we will be and that is what the NOW program is going to help us achieve.

We look forward to the great things our family will learn and accomplish with the help of Kate, our trusted Advisor, and the PenAir family by our side! We are so excited to share our journey, reduce the stigma of talking about money with others, and of course paying off debt and saving money as a family!

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