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It Pays Off to Pay Down Debt

Paying off debt like student loans is game-changing for the Patroni Family. What else is on their list to achieve before the end of this year's NOW program?

Where there’s a will… there’s a way!

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It has been about three and a half months since our journey started with the NOW Program at PenAir. The amount of knowledge, encouragement, support, and understanding we have received from our advisor, Sara, as well as our friends and family has been incredible. We cannot wait to see where we stand at the end of this contest in December! Our family is truly grateful for being given this opportunity to learn and grow financially.

As far as our progress thus far, we have continued to pay down debt and add to our various savings accounts. We now only have ONE vehicle loan left to pay off. We honestly can’t believe it! No longer having the burden of student loan debt is something I thought we would never achieve, especially this early on. By throwing every cent to our debts, we were able to pay off these loans about 7 years early! This has saved us probably thousands of dollars in interest. Also, having no more credit card debt or student loan payments has given us much more room in our budget to comfortably afford the things we need without having to take on even more debt to get them.

Our next goal is to pay down this last vehicle and then move on to paying off our mortgage early. Our advisor has worked with us every step of the way in setting and achieving our financial goals. Sara has been gracious with our setbacks and motivating with our efforts. We couldn’t have done all of this without her checking in on us and talking through our areas of improvement each month during our budget team meetings.

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