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Our Financial Journey & The Road To NOW

Despite life's setbacks, this program gave us the tools we needed to successfully plan our financial future. It pays to prepare for the unexpected.

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It’s been a great experience! We’ve learned so much about successful financial planning and working as a family toward our goals and so much more! It’s amazing how all the little things we were doing added up to negative spending habits or expenses we really didn’t need.

Our girls have gotten more focused on saving for their future, versus the “NOW” spending habits they had in the past.

Unfortunately, our family experienced a lot of life’s setbacks during this contest. There was major vehicle repair and a lightning strike that took out almost all our electronics. Some tree removal and a few other unexpected big-ticket items. Thankfully, we were focused on building up an emergency fund and savings. Because of this effort, these major setbacks didn’t affect us like they would have, previously.

It really pays to be prepared for what life can throw at you!

Thank you for following us as we experienced this financial journey with PenAir, and our wonderful councilor, Andrea!

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