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Spend Less, Save More

Taking the initial steps toward sacrificing instant gratification to save for long term success. No one said it would be easy. But it will be worth it.

A family of four turn to each other while posing for a photo.

We are very excited to get started in the NOW program!

We officially met with Andrea, our NOW Financial Advisor, earlier this month. The conversation was focused on our spending habits, future goals and plans to get us there. Andrea has a lot to offer and seems to be well aligned with our family. We are looking forward working with her as she helps steer us in the right direction.


Our family immediately started shifting our spending habits after being accepted into the NOW Program to better divert our income, put money into savings and tackle our debt. Tammy has made the greatest sacrifice to-date by selflessly eliminating her monthly nail salon trip. It’s an adjustment, to be sure.

As a family, we’ve also cut back on dining out. That’s been challenging, for all of us. These are just a few things we changed which has already allowed us to put away some money for an Emergency Fund. We are also taking steps toward paying off smaller balances on credit cards. Individually, these are small adjustments. But collectively, they’ve provided us with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.

Family Affair:

The girls did a lemonade stand with some friends recently to generate some personal spending money. We’re thrilled to see them get into the spirit of the program.

Spend Less Save More Manson Family

After decluttering around the house and gearing up for a garage sale in a couple weeks, we found some larger items we were no longer using and listed them on FB. It’s amazing what you can find laying around the house that you don’t use anymore.

Tammy and our eldest daughter recently took a trip to the mall. Gillian was dying to buy something, anything! But in the end, both showcased excellent self-control and neither spent ANYTHING!

We know these are just baby steps and there’s still a long way to go. However, we are very thankful for all the help and encouragement we’ve received from our financial advisor, friends and family.

The Manson Family

~Clayton (+ Tammy, Rowan & Gillian)

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