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Volunteer Work to Wrap-up 2021

Partaking in Communerosity® projects has been a wonderful addition to our lives. We've made some great friends while doing volunteer work this holiday season.

a mother, father, and two daughters smile and pose for a photo

Our family recently took some time to volunteer with Food Raising Friends during the Thanksgiving holiday. The results were phenomenal. We had the pleasure of helping deliver meals to over 300 families of grandparents that are raising their grandchildren. It was immensely gratifying to see such happy, grateful families receiving food.

Gillian is busy babysitting and has saved over $200 toward her car!

Rowan is completely involved in Impact club and was in the Milton parade recently.

Me (Tammy) is still nail free from getting my nails done. I think I have saved a lot from not going to a salon.

Clayton is very busy with work. It’s that time of year where delivery men and women take on long hours getting packages and mail to your homes. The Postal Service seems just as busy as the North Pole. (It’s not easy being one of Santa’s elves!)

Overall, we’re still on track with our savings and monthly obligations.

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