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Don’t Let a Fixer-Upper Become a Fixer-Downer

If you watch home improvement shows, you know that “fixer-upper” houses come with surprises inside the walls—sometimes small, sometimes big. So how do you prepare yourself to take the plunge?

How to be Prepared for the Fixer-Upper Challenge.

Above all, keep your mind on the money.

Budgeting gets a little more complex with a fixer-upper. The good folks at This Old House offer this formula:

Add up all the costs to renovate the property based on a thorough assessment of its condition.

Then, subtract that amount from the home’s likely market value after all the work is done. You or a realtor will need to seek out prices of comparable properties in the neighborhood to calculate an appropriate number.

Then, deduct at least 5 to 10 percent for “surprises.” The number you end up with should be your offer.

Go in with your eyes wide open.

In Florida, you have a 10-day window after signing the purchase-and-sale agreement, during which you may decide to walk away from the sale, free and clear. Schedule a home inspection ASAP.

However, keep in mind that a home inspection only covers what the inspector can see and touch. The inspector will probe sills and beams for rot or insect damage, but can’t open a wall to see what might be inside.

So also bring along a trusted, experienced contractor whose “builder’s eye” (he can’t open walls, either) is more likely to spot problem areas. He can also give you an idea of how much repairs will cost.

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How should you spend your renovation budget?

Put the “must do” projects at the top of your list. Those include:

  • Structural repairs and upgrades. If you’re thinking about changes to the floor plan, this is also the time to execute.
  • Code upgrades. Electrical, plumbing, water and sewer, plus any required storm proofing.
  • More storm protection. We’re calling this a “must do” because you want to guard your investment in the property.
  • Then, as your budget permits, it’s time to attack the home projects that give back the most. To recap:
  • Kitchens are #1 by a country mile.
  • Refresh the bathrooms.
  • Add or reconfigure living space.
  • Fresh paint—inside and out.
  • Landscaping, even if it’s just edging and plants that add color and definition to the front yard.

Fixer-uppers present financing challenges—and opportunities. Ask a PenAir mortgage representative about home equity lines and loans, construction loans and other ways we can help you (with no surprises!). Learn more about PenAir’s home financing options.

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