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Get the Most Bang from Your Bathroom Remodel Budget

To get the most value from the money you spend on a bathroom remodel, you’ll need to balance three key considerations:

Keep to Your Budget to Keep Your Plans from Sinking.

  • Are you making the most of your space? Design inefficiencies will really stand out once you start using your new bathroom.
  • Do you want to make your home more attractive to buyers? After a kitchen makeover, bathroom remodeling is the home improvement project that adds the most value to your house.
  • Are you building it to last? Even the most beautiful bathroom has to stand up to years of constant use.

Bottom line: Have a budget for your bathroom.

Your first step is coming up with the total dollar amount you want to spend on the work. The number is up to you, and it may depend on how much money you have saved, how much you’re willing to finance, or a combination.

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DIY or don’t?

If you’ve got the talent and the time, doing it (or parts of it) yourself can save you some money, perhaps allowing you to splurge on an upgrade or two. On the other hand, a contractor experienced in bathrooms is going to bring expertise to the work, pay close attention to your budget and probably get the job done quicker.

Bathroom ideas to “sink” about.

Bathroom makeovers pack a lot of choices and decisions into a small space: plumbing, lighting, hardware, cabinetry, tile and overall style are just a few. Let’s fire your imagination and get your decision-making process started:

Bathroom cabinets

You’ll use them as much as the sink and toilet. Towels, paper products, toiletries, appliances – where can it all go, and how easily can you get to it?


Do you prefer a bright room or soft light? Also, plan outlets for hair dryers, razors, phone chargers, radio, etc.

Hot water

Ensure that your hot water supply will keep up with a new tub and shower – or choose a high-efficiency toilet and/or shower head to reduce the hot water demand.


If you’re going all-in on a master bathroom, remember the words of Bob Vila: “There’s no such thing as sinking into a shallow tub.”


Pedestal sinks might be your style, but vessel and vanity sinks offer storage below and counter space up top. Also, one sink or two?


If you want a tile shower (vs. a molded enclosure), plan for niches that are sized to hold big shampoo bottles and anything else you use to wash up.


Do you plan on aging in place – staying in your home as you get older? Do senior parents live with you or visit often? Think about features and improvements that will make the bathroom more accessible and safe.

Remodeling projects are stressful. Talk to a PenAir Member Advisor about financing options that can wash away your worries about paying for a beautiful new bathroom.

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