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Which Projects Add the Most Value to Your Home?

Answer These Two Questions for Insights: The answer lies in your answers to two more questions: 1. Which projects are most likely to put more money in your pocket when you sell? 2. Which ones might help you sell your home faster?

Make room for a higher asking price.

Ask any contractor or realtor: The number one home value booster is the kitchen—the true center of home life. But don’t just pop in new stainless appliances. For a bigger payback, consider a redesign that places work areas, appliances, fixtures and storage for efficiency and comfort when cooking or baking

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After the kitchen, it’s open to debate. But bathrooms rank high. Think of the wear and tear a bathroom endures, especially in a smaller home. Everyone uses it, every day. Water and steam do their damage over time. And older fixtures and cabinets always show their age.

What about finishing an attic for a bedroom or rec room? Or adding a lanai? The more finished living space you have, the higher your asking price can often be.

Sweat some small stuff now for a no-sweat sale later.

A few weekend projects (or projects spanning a few weekends) might not send your home’s value through the roof, but they WILL make it more attractive to buyers:

  • Insulation and weatherproofing. Keep the a/c in, keep storms out.
  • Central air conditioning or a whole house fan. Everyone wants a more comfortable home.
  • Look into easy ways to throw light into dark spaces. Consider dimmer switches, which easily transform a room’s mood with a touch.
  • Replace dated, dark paneling with drywall. Paint it to create a lighter space that appears larger and more open.

And always think about “curb appeal.” Weeding, mowing, edging, fresh plantings—all these little things draw the eye and show that you care about your home and neighborhood.

Whether you need financing for that kitchen makeover, or you’re ready to move now, PenAir’s mortgage specialists can walk you through your options and make the entire process easier. Call us or visit your nearest office.

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