The key to your PenAir Checking Account

You'll find so much power within this rectangular piece of plastic

Your debit card gives you quick access to the funds in your PenAir Account. You can tap, insert or swipe your card while shopping, getting gas, or withdrawing cash from the ATM — but the powerful PenAir Mastercard® Debit Card can do so much more than you might think.

How will your PenAir Mastercard Debit Card work for you?

Let us count the ways.

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No annual fee.

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FREE transactions at all PenAir ATMs.

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Instant Issue available at all PenAir Branches.

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24/7 Fraud Monitoring.

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Virtual Wallet capabilities (Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, & Samsung Pay).

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Accepted at millions of locations worldwide.

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Sign Up for Card Alerts with real-time notifications.

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Contactless-enabled for added security.

Choose a Debit Card that suits you

PenAir Debit Card

Your PenAir Debit Card works hard for you in the digital and physical shopping world. A handy security-chipped card comes free with every PenAir Checking Account.

Share It Debit Card

The Share It® program turns your signature-based transactions into donations to the schools in your neighborhood.

Level Up Debit Card

Teach your preteens and teens how to spend wisely and manage their money with a Level UP Debit Card.

HSA Debit Card

Pay for qualified medical expenses using this Debit Card that is linked to your tax-advantaged Health Savings Account.

Need Cash Fast?

We’re everywhere you are.

Need a little more information?

Maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Yes – PenAir Debit Cards provide the security of carrying less cash and 24/7 fraud monitoring while adding features that make it easy to spend and manage your money. Register for Digital Banking and set up Debit Card alerts to keep track of your card activity anytime, anywhere! You’ll be able to monitor real-time activity and spot suspicious transactions sooner.
Our Cards offer both EMV chip and Contactless technology where each transaction has a unique identifier, just like your individual fingerprint. This keeps sensitive data, like your personal information (card number, expiration date, or security code) from being transmitted when you pay with your PenAir card.

Your card limits are set on your account automatically. However if you’re trying to stick to a budget, you can lower the limit through card management inside your Digital Banking.

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