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Top Cybersecurity Tips for Holiday Shopping
For most of us, the holiday season is about friends, family, food—and shopping! Black Friday and C...
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Phishing From Trusted Third Parties
Working with a third-party organization can be a great help, but what happens if that third party fa...
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CAPTCHA: “Are you human?”
Have you ever found yourself staring at a wobbly letter trying to decide if it is an X or a Y, just ...
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Scam of the Week: The Instagram Influencer
As the name suggests, an influencer is someone whose opinions influence a large social media audienc...
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SMiShing with PayPal
A new SMiShing (SMS Phishing) attack uses an urgent text message to trick you into clicking a malici...
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Scam of the Week: Prime Target
Once a year, Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, hosts a massive sales event called Prime...
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Man’s Best Friend is Scammer’s Best Bait
With many stay-at-home orders in place across the globe, people are buying new pets to help them fee...
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Scams In Romantic Investment
Let’s be honest, the age of social distancing can leave us feeling lonely. To make matters worse, ...
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Malicious Apps Asking for Extra Permissions
From laptops to smart TVs, applications are used nearly everywhere. Learning which apps are safe can...
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