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Chipping Away the Debt
This month I am steadily chipping away at credit cards debt....
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Getting Back on Track
We’ve got some catching up to do this month....
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Discipline is Key!
In November, we opened two Christmas Club accounts.  ...
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Busy & Productive
This is my birthday month and it has been a busy blur....
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Setbacks Happen
One of the most difficult things that we are encountering is reducing our food expenses....
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Debts are shrinking!
My Baptist Hospital volunteer application was picked up today.  ...
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Progress is Happening!
In September, Charlean received her first paycheck and was able to pay $100 towards the credit card ...
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Paying Off Debts
So, this month has gotten off to a much better start for us....
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Education = Progress
I attended a virtual webinar on Financial Wellness at the beginning of September....
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