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Kicking Things Off….
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And the Winners Are…..
Pen Air® congratulates Veronica and John as the 2022 NOW Program winners! They successfully reduced...
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A Little Down, But Not Out
The journey to financial freedom is not a sprint. At times, you feel like you're not making enough i...
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New Year, New Challenge
With the NOW program wrapping up, we're making plans to keep our progress growing in the new year. A...
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Buying with Intention
Christmas is coming and everyone is buying for their loved ones. But when is less more? We added a s...
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Here’s to the New Financial Year
We are very close to where we want to be with paying off our debt. We already started looking at the...
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Practice Makes Progress
Practice of financial planning, growth and development takes time. We are still striving for the app...
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Finding Value
What is the value of a gift? The cost always goes beyond the price tag. Expensive doesn't mean bette...
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Budgeting in Communerosity
We're budgeting in more than just finances this month. Finding ways to connect to our community thro...
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