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Advisor Update on the Manson’s Journey

Here, Andrea, the Manson's advisor, shares a mid-competition update. Now Advisors play a critical role in the NOW Family's journey toward financial freedom.

Hello! I’m Andrea, the Certified Financial Advisor for the Manson Family.

a family of four stand together with their financial advisor

Financial Health is defined as the state of one’s personal monetary affairs. This includes how much you’re putting away for retirement, savings, and how much of your income you are spending on expenses. Whereas financial wellbeing is about a person’s emotional relationship with that money.

The journey through the NOW program has been able to really shine the light on the difference between the two. Trust me, this program is not for the faint of heart. It takes bravery and trust. There is a emphasis on trust, mainly because for the family exposes their spending habits along with the most intimate details of their finances, which has the potential to cause embarrassment and shame, with their advisor. We share these things in order to see the full picture of their reality so that I, their advisor, can better guide them toward financial health.

This is where the balance of financial health and financial wellbeing has to come together. Getting to the root of the negative financial wellbeing, so to speak, and creating a more positive one. Getting rid of bad habits and creating positive ones. This is how the relationship between the NOW advisor and the family really start creating something amazing!

Being paired with the Manson family could not have more perfect! They have stayed a team through the whole journey.

The two teenage girls, Rowan and Gillian are phenomenal! They have done lemonade stands, yard sales, babysitting, you name it! They have learned the importance of saving money and the value of a dollar.

Clay has taken on overtime at work every week since the start of this program. Tammy has not just cut down on her “extra spending”, she has stopped it all together. The nail salon misses her dearly, I am sure, but she is staying strong.

My family, along with Tammy and the girls have volunteered together to plant a garden for a local charity. We had an absolute blast and were able to help the community.

The Manson family has learned new strategies and new thought processes. And are working on changing their financial wellbeing in order to change their financial health.

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