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Stuffing Our Savings This Holiday Season

It's the season of giving - and we're revving up to put as much money into our retirement as we possibly can without compromising savings or the season!

Two parents holding their two young boys while posing for a photo.

We did not just stuff our turkey in November, we stuffed our savings!

We are really amping up & trying to put as much money into our retirement as we possibly can. By working to pay off all our smaller debts, we’ve been able to put that extra money in the place that we needed it the most…. RETIREMENT! When we started this journey, that was our main goal, and I am so happy to report that we have far exceeded even our own expectations.

This month we are focusing on paying for Christmas without putting anything on credit or having to pull from our savings accounts. We did not have a Christmas Club account set up for this year, but we will be adding one for next year.

The boy’s have taken on extra chore’s cleaning up after their new puppy. We have increased their allowance just a tad and they both are socking that money into their savings accounts.

We are excited to volunteer with Keep Pensacola Beautiful alongside our Financial advisor Katelyn & her family. Our two families are going to spend a Saturday cleaning up our beaches & protecting our sea/beach animals.

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