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Balance – It’s All Adding Up

Balance is key - the grocery bills, gas tanks, savings accounts, retirement funds, etc. We're working toward finding creative on ways to save while giving back.

Making Strides While Managing Obstacles

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As we bring October to a close, we took a long hard look at just how far we have come since beginning our NOW journey. All our savings’ accounts & retirement accounts are REALLY starting to add up. We are genuinely amazed at how much we have been able to put into these accounts in just four short months. Yes, it has left us with a smaller budget to pay bills and less money for our extra’s, but it is so worth it when we see those savings balance at the end of each month.

I am sure that EVERY family is facing some of the inflation obstacles that we are trying to overcome. Gas, grocery, & household product prices have skyrocketed, while income has remained the same. Our family has had to get creative & change some of our routines in order to stay on track and not allow the rising costs to set us back. We have worked overtime, cut down on unnecessary driving & spending, switched from name brand products to generic…. Any & everything we can possibly do to beat the rising cost of every day living.

We are working with another local organization to dive into some more Communerosity® in the month of November. The boy’s are super excited and we can’t wait to show you how the Wooton’s will give back to our community during the month. Stay tuned…. #TeamWooton

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