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Savings & Season’s Greetings

The holidays bring forth shopping temptations and family festivities that can really add up. See how we're sidestepping spending and prioritizing savings.

Prioritizing Savings Over Spending!

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Our biggest accomplishment this month was refinancing our home through PenAir. We are excited to have transitioned to a shorter-term loan at a lower percentage rate, being able to save a lot in interest while also paying off our home faster! Our house payment did go up due to this, so we are adjusting our budget accordingly. We have also managed to increase our savings and pay off an unsubsidized student loan that had been accruing interest.

We had a fun Halloween dressed up as characters from The Wizard of Oz. We were able to borrow, find, make or thrift our costumes, saving us a lot of money! We are now starting to look toward Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This is definitely our favorite time of year, and we enjoy every second of it! We love to enjoy the season by going to church functions, local light shows, plays, parades and many other festivities. Jennifer has already been purchasing some gifts… as they go on sale. Thankfully, we utilize PenAir’s Christmas Club. It’s a great solution where you pay in over the course of the year and earn a little bit of a higher dividend. Balances are transferred in November, which takes a huge burden off Christmas shopping.

Christmas Clubs

Bayleigh has a dance convention in Biloxi coming up. We managed to save some money by rooming with another dancer. She was also able to sell enough shirts to pay for her October and November dance convention fees! She’s looking forward to transitioning to making Christmas shirts now!

Bella is busy planning Christmas activities that we can do for free! Stay tuned next month to see what she has in store for us!

Thank you for following along on our PenAir Now journey! We are still motivated to win the competition!

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