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Birthdays on a Budget

Birthdays come around once every year. So how do you celebrate your loved one while not blowing up your budget? Sometimes, it really is the thought that counts.

I wanted to talk about Birthdays while being on a budget.

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So this is my first time experiencing having to strictly budget for one of my kid’s birthdays. My son turned 15 in August, and I must say, it was emotional for me – one my baby is turning 15!!!

Like most teenagers he sent me a list of things he wanted, and I had to tell him something I haven’t ever told my kids on their birthday. It’s their special day, so I always tried to make sure I surprised them with at least three items from their list. This year was different.

To my surprise, my son was ok with what he was surprised with, a cake with his favorite artist and I did the unthinkable – I reached out to his favorite upcoming artist and asked him if he could give my son a shout out for his birthday.

Within ten minutes of my message, the artist responded back and asked for my son’s Instagram handle. Talk about shockeeeeeed! Suddenly, I heard this roar of happiness from my kid, and it was the best feeling. Along with a “MOM THIS THE BEST GIFT EVER!”

Parents often we can become our own stressor! If we just take a minute to think and talk to our kids, we would be surprised how we can work around spending an excessive amount of money on gifts that aren’t really meaningful. That shout out from the upcoming artist will forever be in his heart.

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